Next Generation Science Standards

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Chapter 1, Section 2 Notes

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Mission 2 Mars – Take 2

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Today was an exciting day for the scientists on 8J!

Students in Mr. Jett’s third period E&R class launched ourselves to the Challenger Learning Center this morning where we videoconferenced with students at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and then reported our findings to three NASA scientists in Alabama.

The students prepared for this mission since the beginning of November. Every Wednesday and Friday the students studied Mars and built a “golden flashdrive” to send to our new friends in Chicago. The students were broken into eight teams and applied for specific jobs: Leader, Communicator, Recorder, and Manager.

While at the CLC, students investigated the challenges with living on Mars. Teams sought solutions to living, eating, breathing, and drinking water on the deserted planet. Throughout this investigation students worked along side their counterparts in Chicago through iPads. Part two of the lesson involved lab activities where students tested food and materials for spacesuits that could be sent to Mars.

The conclusion of our journey occurred when the students were able to report their findings to NASA scientists in Alabama. The scientists were impressed with our students findings and Less Johnson encouraged the students to keep asking questions and to dream BIG!

Great job 8J scientists!


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Twenty-one 8J and 8H students participated in a videoconference with Carla Santiago, a NASA scientist, from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas! The video conference was held at the Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College in Normal, IL.

The students trained twice a week for the last four weeks preparing for today’s mission. Students learned all about Mars. They compared Mar’s hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere to Earth’s.

Students also learned about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs each week. Students practiced different roles (leader, communicator, recorder, and manager) that are used in NASA’s research and engineering teams.

Today’s Mission to Mars began at the Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College. The students Facetimed students at the Museum of Science and Industry while using iPads to investigate designs for a future (2030s) Martian colony. Then students conducted labs to improve spacesuits designs and to select a future Martian food menu. All of these findings were reported to engineer Carla Santiago. Santiago congratulated the stduents on a job well done and encouraged them. She said that they might be the astronauts that train for the first trip to Mars!

Mission Accomplished!

Fusion at the Field

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Fusion at the Field.

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